The fiends know me.
Journalist | Dallas | IG: dualports

Things I love to hate:

  • In Design
  • layouts
  • re-doing layouts
  • copy editing
  • writing articles
  • rewriting articles
  • writing articles last minute
  • writing articles with little to no information
  • sources using Facebook as a means of information
  • deadlines
  • not making deadlines
  • telling myself that I’ll be done in 30 minutes, only to have 4 hours pass
  • AP style
  • downing a bottle of Mountain Dew just to convince myself that I’m awake
  • typos and spelling errors
  • quotes that need to be edited for grammar, but can’t because they’re fucking quotes
  • interview questions
  • the type of answers that people THINK you want from an interview
  • more deadlines
  • staring at a computer screen until you can’t blink anymore
  • journalism
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